Adding Employees

OrdersTracker lets you manage your employees such as waiters, cooks, administrator, etc. Employees can log in to the system with their own username and password. Depending on the users’ role, the system allows the logged in users to access the features that belongs to their roles.

You can add as many employees as required and assign their designated roles.

The procedure for adding an employee is as follows:

  1. Tap in the Top Bar.
    A popup menu displays.
  2. From the popup menu, tap Master Data.
  3. Under Master Data, tap Employees.
    The Employees page displays. In this page, you can view the list of existing employees.
  4. Tap Add Employee to add a new employee.
    The Add Employee dialog displays.
  5. In Add Employee dialog, specify the following parameters:
    1. First Name: Specifies the first name of the employee. This field is mandatory.
    2. Last Name: Specifies the last name of the employee. This field is mandatory.
    3. Select a Role: Lets you assign a role to the employee. A user can have one of the following roles:
      1. Administrator: The employee having this role can perform all operations available in the system. An administrator will have access to all sections of the system.
      2. Administrator Helper: The employee having this role will have access to all sections except the “Settings”.
      3. Waiter: This role is assigned to the waiters who serve the orders to the customers. A waiter will have the access to the following sections of the system:
        1. Ordering system
        2. Retail sale (If enabled from the settings)
        3. Waiter cash report
        4. Invoices (Only user’s own invoices)
      4. Cook/Bartender: This role is assigned to the cooks or bartenders who prepare the orders or beverages. A cook will have access to “Kitchen Display” module only.
    4. Username: Sets the username of the employee. The employee will use this username to log into the system. This field is mandatory.
      The username assigned to an employee must be globally unique. You are not allowed to set a username, if it is already in use by another customer.
    5. Password: Sets the password against the username specified above. This field is mandatory.
  6. After specifying the above parameters, tap Add.
    The employee adds with the specified parameters.