Adding Extras

Customers may have always some personal wishes about the products they order. The extras that could be ordered for the products should be defined under product properties. To learn more about how to define these extras, please visit the page Create Product Category

If the customer wants to have an extra which is already defined, it could be added by following the steps: 

  1. Tap on the ordered item, for which an extra should be added. 
    An action bar with different buttons displays. 
  1. Tap on the Extra button on the action bar. 
  1. A new dialog opens showing a list of extras defined for the product. To add the wished extra tap on the “Plus” button at least once. If the customer is wishing a double portion of the extra, tap on the plus button once again. If the customer has a special wish, which does not exist in the list, it could be always written as free text under special wishes area. 
    Tap on Apply button to save the selected extras and special wishes.
  1. The selected extra will be shown under the product name.