Ordering System

This module enables waiters to take orders and send them to the kitchen where the ‘Kitchen Display’ module runs. When the app is launched, the ‘Ordering System’ module opens for waiters or administrators. 

To be able to understand this module better, we marked the important sections (Figure 1) and will explain each one in detail below. 

  1. Notifications 
  1. Table Colors 
  1. Table Categories 
  1. Table List 
Figure 1 Ordering System Dashboard 

Notifications  #

The notification bar lists all the notifications.  

  1. The red badge counter indicates the number of notifications.  
  1. Tapping on ‘Notifications’ opens a side panel (Figure 2) that lists the notifications from the ‘Kitchen Module’ or “Self ordering”.  
Figure 2 Notification Side Panel 

Table Colors    #

Tables are assigned different colours according to their statuses [Figure 1 (2)].These colours are not fixed and can be changed through 
Settings → Common Settings → POS Settings

A table can have 4 different statuses:

  1. Free indicates that no orders have been placed on the table 
  1. Ordered indicates that the customers have placed the orders but not ready yet.
  1. Ready indicates that the table contains orders ready to be served. 
  1. Served indicates that all the orders of table are served. 

Table Categories  #

Tables are labelled according to different partitions within the venue, such as Garden, Lounge, TerraceToGo [Figure 1 (3)]. These categories can be changed under Table Management

Table List  #

The tables defined under table management are listed under their specific category. Tables change to different colours according to their status and have further information on it. 

Figure 3. Further information on table  
  1. Table Name: Each table is assigned a unique name. 
  1. Order Information: The order information is shown under the table name in the format: Quantity / Total Price 
  1. Tax: Shows the tax value, if defined explicitly for the table. If defined, all the products which ordered under this table, will have the tax value of the table. This makes especially sense for Takeaway orders, which are usually taxed less than dine in orders.
  1. Order Time: Show the time of the first order 
  1. Split Button: This button allows you to split the table to create a new table on the fly. It makes sense for big tables, which are occupied by different group of guests.  It’s possible to create for each group a separate table and place the orders on the corresponding table.

Ordered Item List   #

This is the area where the ordered items are listed. 

  1. Once a customer places an order, the ordered item list can be viewed by tapping on the specific ‘Table’ for which the order was taken.  
  1. The list appears in a separate window on mobile phones. On tablets the ordered item list is always visible and shown on the right-hand side. 
Figure 4 Ordered Item list