Editing a Product Category

OrdersTracker lets you modify the desired product category anytime. For example, you have created a product category “Pizza” but later on if you want to do certain modifications in it, you can do this in just few steps:

To edit an existing product category:

  1. Tap in the Top Bar.
    A popup menu displays.
  2. From the popup menu, tap Master Data.

  3. Under Master Data, tap Menu.
    The list of the existing menu categories displays.
  4. Tap Actions for the product category you want to edit.
    A dropdown displays.
  5. Tap Edit Category from the dropdown.
    A dialog displays where you can view the parameters defined for the selected category.

    This dialog consists of the following tabs: Basics, Portions, Extras, Side Dishes.

    To get more information about the available tabs and their belonging parameters, refer to Creating a Product Category.
  6. Modify the parameters as required and tap Save.
    The selected product category modifies.