Editing Table Category

OrdersTracker lets you modify the name of a table category anytime. For example, you have created a table category with the “Terrace” name but later on if you want to modify the name, you can do this in just few steps:

To modify the name of table category:

  1. Tap in the Top Bar.
    A popup menu displays.
  2. From the popup menu, tap Master Data.
  3. Under Master Data, tap Tables.
    The Tables page displays. In this page, you can view the list of existing table categories.
  4. Tap Actions for the table category you want to edit.
    A popup menu displays.
  5. From the popup menu, tap Edit.
    The Update Category dialog displays.
  6. Under Update Category, modify Category Name as required.
    For example, the Garden name is updated to Terrace in the image below.

  7. After updating the name, tap Update.
    The name of the table category modifies.