Kitchen Display System

Kitchen Display system is a module built for the cooks and bartenders. After the server(waiter/waitress) places orders and sends them to the kitchen, the orders appear on the Kitchen Display System automatically.

To open the kitchen display:

  1. Tap in the Top Bar.
    A sidebar menu displays.
  2. From the sidebar menu, tap Kitchen Display.
  3. Kitchen Display modules opens.

If you log in to the system with a “Cook/Bartender” ID, the system opens the Kitchen Display module directly after log in.

In the following section, we divide the main screen into sections and explain each in detail.

Toolbar #

In the toolbar you have the following actions:

Filtering Ordered Items #

This allows you to filter the ordered items shown on the display. For more information how to filter items please visit the “Filtering Ordered Items Page”

Adjust Volume #

When the servers send an ordered item to the kitchen, it will be displayed in the Kitchen Display automatically along with a chime. The chime volume can be adjusted as follows:

  1. Tap on the adjust volume icon
  2. A dialog box with a slider is displayed.
  3. To increase the volume, move the slider to the right, to decrease the volume, move it to the left and tap Apply.

Calling Waiters #

OrdersTracker makes calling the waiters to the kitchen, straightforward.

In following sample cases, the waiters may need to be called to the kitchen:

  • When a menu item finishes
  • When an extra ingredient is unavailable
  • When technical problems occur.

You can call the waiters as follows:

  1. Tap on the icon in the toolbar
  2. The waiters receive a notification shown as a dialog box.

Refreshing Ordered Items Manually #

In case the ordered items are not listed automatically, it is advisable to force the system to load the items. To load the items manually:

Tap on the load icon . The items missing on the display show on the display.

Ordered Item List #

The ordered items sent by the servers are:

  • Grouped by Tables
  • Listed next to each other.

The ordered items sent by the servers are listed on the Kitchen Display module automatically. They are sorted according to their arrival time, from left to right.

Order details of each table, and its explanations, are explained below:

  1. Number of orders
  2. Time elapsed to order arrival.
  3. Ability to print out the current ordered items.
  4. Selecting all ordered items to send them back to the server (Ordering System).
  5. Sending selected prepared items to the server (Ordering System)
  6. Course title, whether the course is first, second, third, etc. If multiple courses are chosen, the chef can choose to send items according to courses’ order.

    Allow multiple courses” needs to be toggled ON in Common Settings. Otherwise, the ordered items are listed without ‘Course’ categorization.

  7. Ordered item’s extras and excluded ingredients. Example, when a customer wants extra honey and mustard on their House Salad (indicated by a plus) but no mushroom (indicated by a minus).
  8. Ordered product title, together with the quantity, extras and excluded ingredients.