Moving ordered items

If a customer has already placed an order and then changes his tables or the Management assigns the customer another table (due to any reason), the ordered items can be ‘moved’ to another by: 

  1. Tapping on the Table whose orders needs to be moved. The app will open the Table’s list of ordered items (Figure 1) 
Figure 1. Moving an order 
  1. Tap on the ‘Move button at the bottom right of the screen. A small dialogue box appears with the option to either ‘Move Together’ or ‘Move Separately’ (Figure 2)  
Figure 2. Move Together or Move Separately dialogue box 

  1. Move Separately’ allows you to select the items separately. After choosing the ordered items to be moved you should tap on the move button again.  
  1. ‘Move Together’, allows you to move all the ordered items to the enw table. 

A new dialogue box ‘Choose a table’ (Figure 3) is opened to allow you  choose a new table. 

Figure 3. Select a table to move to 
  1. Choose any table in same or different ‘Table category’ (Figure 3) 
  1. Tap on the Move button at the bottom-right of the screen to move the ordered item to the new table 
  1. The moved items can be checked from the main ‘Ordering System’ dashboard