Payment Process

Payment Process Initiation  #

To initiate a payment process: 

  1. Tap on the corresponding ‘Table’ that has previously been ‘Served’ 
  1. Tap on ‘Pay’ at the bottom left-hand side of the screen (Figure 1) 
Figure 1. Initiate Payment Process for Table 
  1. A pop-up is displayed with options ‘Pay Separately’ or ‘Pay Together’ 
  1. If ‘Pay Separately’ is selected, a counter is displayed on the left-hand side of each item (Figure 2) 
Figure 2. Pay Separately Counter 
  1. Tap on the item to select the number of items a customer has to pay. (Figure 3) 
    Example: Customer A has ordered 5 ‘Carrots & Broccoli‘ and Customer B has ordered 5 Carrots and Broccoli. If Customer A is paying first, 5 ‘Carrots and Broccoli‘ will be selected for Customer A. 
  1. Tap on the ‘Pay’ button at the bottom left-hand side 
Figure 3. Select Number of Items to Pay Separately 

If ‘Pay Together’ is selected, the app switches to Payment screen that has:  

  1. Sub-total 
  1. Ability to add discount in percentage or amount (ability for waiters to add discount can be toggled on/off from Settings –> Is the waiter/waitress allowed to make a discount 
  1. To-be-paid/Total amount 
  1. Payment Type: Card, Voucher, Cash, Combined (customizable through Settings –> Payment Types)  
  1. Number keypad 
  1. Option to ‘Print a Detailed Receipt’ is available to German customers only 
Figure 4. Pay Together 
  1. If ‘Combined’ is selected, the payment is divided between Card, Voucher and Cash (Figure 4)  
  1. Tap on ‘Finish Payment’