How to place an order

Tap on the ‘Table’ corresponding to the customer’s table. (On mobile) the app switches to a separate window that displays an Add button or an Add course button (depending on whether the ‘Add a course’ is toggled on or off).

The option to divide the orders into courses can be toggled by:

Settings → Common Settings → POS Settings ‘Allow to add multiple courses’

No Courses #

When courses are toggled off, the ordering card is displayed as Figure 1 with an Add button at the top left-hand corner.

Figure 1 Adding Menu Items without ‘Course’ Option

Multiple Courses #

When courses are toggled as shown on Figure 2, it enables the waiters to add multiple courses.

Figure 2 Adding Menu Items with ‘Course’ Option
  1. When the waiter taps on a ‘Table’, the app switches to a window displaying a course by default.
  2. The waiter can begin adding menu items by tapping on ‘Add’ button

Choosing an item from menu #

  1. Tap on the Add button. The screen switches to the ‘Menu Card’ Figure 3
    Figure 3. Menu Card
  2. If no course is enabled and a customer orders: a Bruschetta and a Greek Salad, the waiter will tap on:
    1. Starters to select Bruschetta (if 2 units of Bruschetta are ordered, then click on Bruschetta twice. A badge counter will display at the top right-hand corner of the menu item, indicating the number of specific units (Figure 4)
      Figure 4. Badge Counter
    2. Salads to select Greek Salad. Since Greek Salad has different portion sizes and side dishes, a dialogue box appears to choose the portion size, side dish and ingredients to be removed, if wished. (Figure 5)
      Figure 5. Choosing portion size, side dish and without ingredients
    3. After selecting each item, tap on Back to return to the main ‘Menu Card’

Sending ordered items to kitchen #

When all ordered items have been selected from the ‘Menu Card’, tap on the ‘back arrow’ and the screen switches to Table 1 with a list of ordered items (Figure 6). If the number of items need to be increased/decreased, it can be done from the +/- button at the left-hand side of each item.

The +/- button cannot delete an item by changing to zero. To delete an item from menu, see section ‘Remove an ordered item’ button

Figure 6. List of ordered items

The items can then be sent to the kitchen by tapping on the ‘Send’ button at the top right-hand corner (Figure 6).

Sending ordered items from menu card(Mobile only) #

Coming back to order list just to send the ordered items could be challenging in busy hours. That’s why the waiter can send the orders directly after taking the orders without leaving the menu card.

After pressing on the “Send & Close” button, the orders will be sent to the kitchen display and the table list will be shown to the waiter, so that he does not have close the windows manually.

Sending orders to kitchen display from menu card