Printing Ordered Items

Printing ordered items can be handy and, in some cases, even necessary. Below you can a find a list of use cases, where a printed ordered items list, along with the Kitchen Display provides an optimal solution.

  • Depending upon the Kitchen Display hardware, the chefs may not be able to view all the ordered items at once. So, they may have to always scroll the screen to see the ordered items which takes up extra time.
  • The Kitchen Display is not placed at an accessible location.
  • Some cooks are used to work in a traditional way and do not feel comfortable with the tablet placement on the wall.

To avoid such problems and receive an optimal solution OrdersTracker allows you to print the ordered items. You can print the ordered items in two ways:

  1. Printing ordered items automatically, when they are sent to the kitchen

    For this functionality, you must activate the settings as follows:

    1. Go to settings
    2. Common Setting
    3. Receipt Settings
    4. Toggle on ‘Should the new recorded items be printed out.
  2. Printing items manually
    It’s always possible to print the ordered items of each table manually.
    To print items manually, tap on the print button.