Receiving New Ordered Items

The ordered items sent by the servers are listed on the Kitchen Display module automatically. In the following picture, we see ordered items already received and listed for three tables. Each Table has different orders, arrival times and (therefore) different colors.

Table Header Colors #

The ordered items card header has a specific color (green, orange and red) which changes at different levels indicating time elapsed since order received. This is just a warning for the cooks to help them time their task accordingly.

Receiving a New Order to an Existing Table #

It is possible that, a table whose orders already sent to the kitchen for preparation, has new orders. As soon as an ordered item is received, it flashes in the existing table with an orange background (for the first few seconds) and a notification chime.

The position of the table will not change, when the new orders arrive. Only the new tables will be listed at the end of the list.

Receiving a New Table Order #

When a server sends recorded orders for a new table, it is added to the end of existing order list. The new table orders will fade in and out a few times to indicate the new table order that just arrived.