Updating an Employee

OrdersTracker lets you modify an existing employee’s information anytime. For example, if you would like to reset an employee’s password, you can do this in just few steps: 

To modify an employee’s information:

  1. Tap in the Top Bar.
    A popup menu displays.
  2. From the popup menu, tap Master Data.
  3. Under Master Data, tap Employees.
    The Employees page displays. In this page, you can view the list of existing employees.
  4. Tap Actions for the employee whose information you want to modify.
    The Actions dropdown displays.
  5. From the Actions dropdown, tap Edit.
  6. The Update Employee dialog displays. In this dialog, you can view the parameters already specified for the employee.
  7. Modify the employee’s information as required, and tap Save.
    The employee’s information is modified.