Data Management

Table Management

With OrdersTracker you can manage your tables within minutes.  If you have tables spread on different physical places, you can create a category for each different places like “Garden“, “Terrace“, “Balcony” etc. If you have only one such a place, you can create it with any name.

To manage the tables of a specific category, you tap on the “Tables” button of that category. To learn more about how you can create tables please check out documentation.


Menu Management

Although managing your menu card takes more time than your tables, it is still quite easy to do it. OrdersTracker offers an intiutive user interface to let you create your product categories and products underneath them.

You have always the possibility to update the product information like prices and whether the product is sold out or not.

With integrated inventory management system, you can let OrdersTracker mark the product sold out automatically, when all the available items in the incentory are ordered.

Employee Management

OrdersTracker allows you to create an account with a specific role for each of your employees.

When a waiter enters to the system with a “Waiter” role, he can only take orders and send them to the kitchen. When a cook enters to the system with “Cook/Bartender” role, he will be only able to open the kitchen display system and not take orders or change setting. However, an Administrator-Helper is able to create table or update the menu card, take orders and even opens the kitchen display system module. An Administrator is able to do everything available in the system.