Kitchen Display System

Kitchen Display System


The Kitchen Display System(KDS) is designed to make the cooking process more efficient and effective. With this system, cooks don’t have to worry about forgetting an order or a table as their orders come in on the KDS display.

The orders captured by the waiters will automatically appear on the display. The orders will be sorted according to their arrival date. The first orders appear on the most left hand side.

The table colors indicate the time of arrival. Tables with orders that arrive more than 10 minutes ago will be marked as red to let the cooks know they need to work speedily.  When you have too many orders, it can be difficult for cooks to keep up with all of their hungry customers’ needs. This system tells cooks that they should work more quickly so as not to disappoint others waiting in line.

Filtering Items

Sometimes cook are specialized only on a specific part of the menu. That’s why they want to see just the orders they are responsible for.

OrdersTracker is the most advanced and innovative way to see what items have been ordered in your business. With our wide selection of filters that can be applied, you will never miss a thing! To start filtering products on display, press on “Choose a category” button which opens up all possible categories. Select the product categories that you want to filter and tap on Apply button.