OrdersTracker is fully customisable. Below you can find all the available settings.

POS Settings

Here you have the settings mostly related to the ordering system module.

Under these settings, you can define the global tax percentage, whether you want to use the KDS for ordered items or you want to retail POS. Additionally, you can decide whether the ordered items can be cancelled and the status colors of the tables.



Waiter Settings

Here you have some settings related to your waiters.

With these settings, you can allow your waiters to add products, if the customers have special orders, which are not available in the menu card.

You may grant the waiters with the right to cash in or even make a discount. 

You can even disable the chat functionality for your employees.

Self-service Settings

Do you want to let your customers order by themselves? No problem, all you have to do is to activate this functionality first.  Here you can do it and decide for further settings like whether the customers can order anonymously and whether those orders need to be approved before they pop in on the kitchen display system.

Profile Settings

Under profile settings you can enter the information related to your business. You can enter the name of your business together with the address and tax number. This information is used on the printed invoices.

Receipt Settings

With OrdersTracker you can fully customize your receipt. You can upload your logo and event put some texts before or after it. You may even override every text used to print the receipt. Just tap on the text, enter a new one and save it. That’s it, now your text is going to be used during the printig.

Payment Types

You can define your payment types by your self. You donot accept Voucher payments? No problem, just deactivate it or even add a new one like PayPal. 

Package Settings

OrdersTracker offers a lot of packages according to your needs. With all packages you can have unlimited users and devices. The only difference is the number of items that you can order per month. Do you hit the limit of a package? No problem, just subscribe to a bigger one and you are ready to go. If you do not need the big package next month, with just one click, you are downgraded to a smaller one.

With a yearly package you can even have 2 months free, with which you can save a lot of money but loose the flexibility of switching to free package anytime. 


Payment Settings

Before you subscribe to a package, you should enter either your credit card information or your IBAN number. 

We use a payment service provider called Stripe, which saves your card information very securely and charge your card in a regular manner.


Printer Settings

You can define in OrdersTracker as many POS printers as you like. We support two type of printers, Bluetooth and WIFI printers.

These printers can be used to print a receipt or to print the ordered items on the kitchen.