Customers can make payment using their cards, or they can use a voucher or cash. For every payment there is an invoice which helps the owner of the restaurant to understand how many sales they are making currently.

With OrdersTracker you can list these invoices for any given date range. You can print the invoice via a POS printer or export an invoice as PDF file, so that you can share the file with your customers. 

You can cancell any item in the invoice, if it is not included in any Z-Report.


Z-Reports are run at the end of each day to make sure that all is well with your business.The Z-Report is the end-of-day report in which all grand totals and a summary of relevant till actions are recorded.

Z-Reports are run at the end of each day to make sure your business runs smoothly. They ensure that nothing is missed in a timely manner so you can focus on other important aspects of running your business without worrying about any last-minute problems arising. 

Single Ordered Items

OrdersTracker allows you to find exactly which products are ordered in the given time span. You can see how many times are the products ordered, which payment method used and who cashed in.

The list can be exported to an Excel sheet to create moer sophsiticated reports.


If your tax consultant is using a software from DATEV to enter your invoices into the system, this reports will ease your life and your tax consultant’s life a lot.

Here you can export your invoices in a format, that your tax consultant can import them via his software. No manual work is needed.

The exported reports can be sent to your consultant via Email with press of a button.